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What is Pelefind?

In short;
Pelefind is a classified ads website which serves ads free from Iraq. 

Pelefind has been started the road with the slogan of "accurate and fast" ads in all Iraq. You can sell and buy cars, houses and items on pelefind.com and on pelefind mobile applications without paying any moneyYou can reach people fastly who need cars, houses and items while sitting your home.
Pelefind has website pelefind.com and mobile applications (IOS & Android). 

Who owns this business?

Good question :) You already know us. Pelefind is owned by Edicoo Group which also owns Edicoo Advertising Agency, Kurdmax TV, Kurdmax Show TV, Kurdmax Pepule TV, boombeene.com, boombinere.com, pelepare.com, pelekart.com and Boom-ex. Pelefind is the new business area in classidied ads for Edicoo Group. 

What is difference of Pelefind?

Pelefind website and mobile applications developed and managed by high skilled and experienced development and business teams who also developed and currently maintain Iraq's foremost websites boombeene.com and boombinere.com. Also, pelefind has strong media and advertising power with the help of Edicoo Advertising Agency and Kurdmax TV channels. So, with this experienced team you will see the difference..
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